If you have a lot of money: no problem, use both tecnologies. OK !!!

If you have already a good analogical reflex with a set of good lenses (and not so much money) don't sell it to buy a digital camera, please use it !!!

With a good slide (diapo-pro) you are sure to get a good chemical print and with a scanner for slide (medium quality) you can easily get a good digital file and print it until the A4 (letter) format. Don't forget to give the measure and the resolution (300 dpi) of output directly from the scanner (in destination) and not in Photoshop where it will be necessary to give some "unsharp mask" (in filter ) and some contrast ("auto- contrast"often gives a good result ! ). These are the most important modifications, after you can do what you want (balance color, levels, etc...) if you know Photoshop or another editor. Be carefull when you resize your file: make a backup of your original before, it's better !!!

Don't forget: pixels are only pixels (virtual squares), chemical pigments are smaller (round grains) and give for the moment the best result, specially if you don't want to spend 2000 $ or more !!!

Before buying a digital camera, please go to visit some good web-site like: or where you can find the tests and the opinions which will help you to choose without big risk...